How to be found on the web? Find out what we can do for you

How to make your business visible on the web? There are many possible ways to choose from, depending on your budget and the goals you intend to pursue. Our creative team will help you define the communication targets to be reached.
As a result of this careful analysis, E.I.T. , will elaborate a communication strategy, suggesting both the best type of campaign and the necessary actions to improve your web site in order to reach the desired targets.
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    Advertising online

    We offer online advertising campaigns tailored for every budget. Pay per click campaigns or Buzz campaigns that are used to reach all the possible virtual places relevant for the campaign, through social network posts and e-mails

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    E.I.T. offers advice for SEO optimization: we will suggest how to improve the ranking of your site among the organic search results and we will optimize the site itself to make it SEO friendly;

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Our team offers three types of online advertising campaigns:

  1. Buzz campaign: we will spread the link of your business website on all the relevant virtual places - web directories, social networks, blogs, forums... The service includes the design and creation of images and posts tailored for each site in which the link will be spread;
  2. Google AdWords Campaign: be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. We setup and manage the pay-per-click campaigns for you.
  3. Campagna Facebook Ads: Marketing on Facebook helps your business build lasting relationships with people and find new customers. We setup and manage a campaign that will reach your target, people really interested in your business.

Besides this, we offer a SEO Optimizationservice, needed to improve the ranking of your site in the "organic" Google search results.

Videos and animations
Video content is one of the most important web tools to generate the so-called buzz on the web, that "word of mouth" that contributes more and more to a business' brand image. E.I.T. produces promo videos designed to attract potential customers of your business.
Images and photos
Your web pages will communicate at best the desired message through original and eye-catching images. E.I.T. team will develop, depending on your needs: photos, drawings and / or illustrations.
E.I.T. team takes care of stylistic and content revision, made by experts in the communication field, to ensure neat, professional and high quality texts. We will suggest you the best way to deliever your message.
E.I.T. team is composed of native speaker translators who will work to help you launch your business on the international market. We translate from Italian to English, French and Spanish and vice versa.

The more informative your advertising, the more persuasive it will be.

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