Your environment counts. Check its safety: MCE410

Verifying the electromagnetic pollution levels nowadays is considered an important aspect to evaluate our environment quality.
La E.I.T. has been producing electromagnetic fields monitoring systems for more than 10 years now, so the company has a qualified experience in the field. From this experience comes the MCE410 System

nMCE410 - Monitoring Systems

The constant evolution of technology and the habit to meet clients needs, led the company to create the nMCE410 monitoring system, a complete and flexible system whose features are:

  • Probe suitable for electromagnetic field wide band;
  • Probe suitable for electromagnetic field wide band that can detect signals emitted by WiFi devices;
  • Probe suitable for electromagnetic field narrow band;
  • Probe suitable for magnetic induction at low frequency;

  • Stazione di Monitoraggio dell'Inquinamento Elettromagnetico Modello MCE410 con strumento per ruotarla e pannello solare

    Simultaneous measurement, process and storage of the electromagnetic field values collected by the electric and magnetic probes with the possibility to stop and restart one or both the measuring processes.
    Case Design and Installation
    Protective case suitable for indoor and outdoor environment; plus the case has a small size and low weight so it can be easily moved and the installation can be performed by a single person;
    Use of data compression and encryption techniques that prevent the accidental or intentional alteration of the original data measured by the MCE410 system, in order to allow overseeing authorities to verify the situation at the source;
    Device to rotate the MCE410
    Using a simple device, the station can be rotated in any direction;
    Power supply
    possibility to power the station from mains or from a solar panel with a small size and weight;
    File log
    All activities performed by the system are logged in a file, in order to record not only the measured data but also who processed them, how and when.
    Purchase VS Service
    For all those cases in which it is not possible to create a steady monitoring system, E.I.T. offers a monitoring service provided through the MCE410 system. The service includes an inspection of the area where the measurements should take place and a report with charts and evaluation of the area.

    MCE410 - Pictures

    Legal limits

    Every country has its own rules

    The Italian law prescribes a limit for electrical field levels fixed at 6 V/m in all of those areas where people are expected to stay for at least 4 hours. If you consider that almost every source of an electromagnetic field changes its transmission levels as time goes by, a good monitoring system has to assure an accurate monitoring for a period long enough to check the representative situations (for example including telephone services' peak usage periods).

    To feel safe, take a look at what you can't see