Saving energy is important. Start now with MIP

Nowadays having an economic and efficient system to manage both the public lighting network and the private areas such as parking lots, industrial complexes, resorts and so on, is important because any system's malfunction affects the quality of our life and interferes with the power-saving policies.
Focused on this problem, our company developed a new monitoring system called MIP530. The system has a very simple structure and a low cost as far as realization and installation. Unlike all the other monitoring lighting systems available on the market, all MIP530 components communicate without using private or public networks. This way you can save money because there's no need to stipulate a contract with communication network providers.
  • Schema di funzionamento del sistema MIP

    MIP System Overview

    The system works with any kind of lamp (incandescent, gas, led, ...) and it can be powered indipendently from the power supply line that powers the lamps. The installation is very simple.

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    sfondo azzurro con lampada stradale spenta
  • Dettaglio interno di una lampada stradale con sistema MIP installato

    MIP System

    The system requires the installation of a sensor inside each lamp (in use or new) and the installation of sensors / actuators inside the electric control panels from where the lamps are powered. The sensor placed inside each lamp detects if the mainstream power flows or not and therefore whether the lamp is on or off.

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Lamp status
The MIP system constantly monitors the status of each lamp and records the history of each light point (support pole replacements, replacements of the armature containing the lamp, lamp replacements, ...)
Qualitative and quantitative statistics in order to optimize warehouse stocks and to point out the quality of the materials used, for example, the lifetime of each lamp is calculated in order to program on time replacements and to check whether the lifetime complied or not with the one specified by the manufacturer of the lamps
Data sheet
The MIP system allows you to create and bind to each light point, a data sheet containing all the characteristics of the materials used and, where available, photos of the sites. This is planned to facilitate the operations of maintenance personnel and save time and money on each intervention
Power on/off
The MIP system allows you to turn on or off each individual lamp and / or power line remotely;
Waste reduction
The MIP system allows you to check whether one or more supply lines are incorrectly lit during daylight hours. For example, in case of a broken twilight switch, the system allows the manager to remotely switch the line off
The MIP system allows you to have real-time reports indicating the faulty lamps with the possibility to automatically transmit allarms to the maintenance personnel
The MIP system allows you to remotely check the access to the power supply lines cabinet
The MIP system records any interruption of the primary power supply cabinet

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MIP Monitoring Service

Save time and money

In order to reduce the lighting management cost, E.I.T. offers a range of management services with a “turnkey” approach: the service may go from the simple faulty equippment detection to a complete repair and maintenance service.

Energy saved is energy produced.