Optimize your distric heating system, no waste with MRT

Nowadays distric heating achieved a significant spread level thanks to the noumerous advantages that it offers not only to the user who uses it but also to the society itself.Just to mention some of them: no chimneys or local thermal power plants, reduction of maintenance costs, less gas emissions and less administrative duties.
La E.I.T. in order to improve district heating networks' management developed the MRT102 monitoring system: distric heating backbone are the pipes so this system grants a continuous monitoring of their integrity.
  • Dettaglio concentratore per 3 circuiti - Sistema di Monitoraggio MRT

    MRT structure

    The system uses two conductors embedded in the insulating material that surrounds the metal pipe which carries the heating fluid (typically water properly treated) from the center to suburbs and vice versa. This kind of implementation is usually called "Nordic system"”.

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    sfondo con immagine di tubazioni in trasparenza
  • schema di funzionamento del sistema MRT

    MRT Overview

    MRT allows real-time detection of any interruption of the conductors due to mechanical damage such as those caused by digging vehicles or landslides adjacent to the pipes. Plus, the system points out any humidity infiltration inside the insulating material that surrounds the pipes. The precise identification of area where the issue is located, is usually achieved through TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) measures on the conductors and / or through the use of thermal images cameras, acording to the size of the monitoing field.

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Virtually unlimited number of monitored pipes
Remote control of the cabinets' access
Possibility to set different alert thresholds and/or alarms; submission of alarm reports directly to the maintenance personnel;
transmission of all the Acquired data to one or more control centers via landline or GSM;
Power supply
Possibility to power the MRTsystem through system mains, solar panel or battery;
The system provides statistics to check the quality of the materials used;
The collected data can be exported through text files with the preferred separators;
Control center
Implementation of the control center via standard PC equipped with the system's software
Automatic management
Automatic management of the each system status;

MRT - Images

MRT Monitoring Service

Save time and money

The large amount of collected data and the interpretation / processing procedure may require qualified personnel that are not always available. For this reason, E.I.T. offers district heating monitoring services providing both the equipment and the trained personnel required.

Precaution is better than cure.

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