Your environment counts. Check its safety: MB System

The need to adopt procedures and systems able to regularly control and acquire information about constructions, however complex (buildings, bridges, roads, ...), with problems of stability pushed E.I.T. to realize a reliable monitoring system called MB.
E.I.T. produces monitoring systems suitable to monitor building structures and it has more than 15 years of experience in their implementation. From this experience the MB system was born.
  • Schema del Sistema MSE

    MB Structure

    The system has a simple structure: a central unit for the data acquisition and a number of sensors connected to it via cable or wireless. The central unit is connected to the Internet via a local area network cable, Wifi or 3G / 4G. Through a web interface you can view or download the data and charts produced by the system.

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  • Schema della struttura del sistema MSE

    MB Monitoring System

    The MB is a reliable monitoring system, expandable, configurable as required, easy to use and capable of offering a lot of services with the highest quality standards available today.

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Modular system
The MB is a modular system: both hardware and software are synergically adapted to meet the characteristics of the monitoring site
Costant Monitoring
The System performs a constant monitoring of buildings, with the possibility to check the collected data both online and on-site
The system allows to set the threshold values, beyond which it will notify the staff responsible for the building's security, via E-mail or SMS and / or activate warning sirens, voice messages, video recordings and emergency lights
It is possible to setup polling intervals for the data acquisition
Power supply
The MB can be powered by AC power or battery and solar panel
The system processes daily, weekly or monthly graphs, illustrating how the collected data vary over time
Through a dedicated password-protected website, hosted on the central unit or on a web space, the system allows you to browse and download both the collected data and the graphs. The site is accessible from any device connected to the Internet with a standard web browser. Graphics and output files are available in various formats such as .png, .jpg, .csv, ...
The system allows you to connect analog and/or digital sensors, such as thermometers, electrical piezometers, accelerometers, inclinometers, optical plumb bob, strain gages, ...
MB Monitoring service
Given that often the consistency of a monitoring building system can reach significant costs and complexity, EIT provides a monitoring service with the "turnkey" approach.

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MB Monitoring Service

Save time and money

This service is suitable and convenient for preventive controls and to determine corrective action. In addition to the savings, chosing a monitoring service has other advantages such as a faster implementation and periodical technical reports. The service, as indicated above, includes the supply, installation and removal of all equipment necessary for data collection, transmission to a control center and data processing in order to write technical reports.

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