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We'll help you find the right space in the social networks' world, in order to make your content go viral and attract customers. The Social Media Marketing encourages interaction between consumers and brands, therefore increases the perception of the brand as a "person". We create and manage Facebook pages, Google + pages and related viral content.
E.I.T. will develop a project for the joint communication management on the social networks used, suggesting both the type and the most suitable contents for the purposes to be pursued, creating texts, images and videos.
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    Get Social!

    Our team is ready to create a posting plan and to realize your posts content: texts, photos, videos and links! During the setup phase, we will take care of the page layout, the profile image, all the descriptions and photos.

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On social networks, brands can create personal or business profiles and talk about news, useful information and promotions. Among the many objectives that can be achieved we like to highlight:

  • increase brand awareness and local interest
  • increase sales
  • direct web traffic on brand sites
  • encourage consumers to interact with the brand (comment, generate content, participate in contests, etc ..)
  • improve your ranking on search engines
  • maximize integration inter and intra-media
  • analyze visitors' behavior on the social pages in order to improve the brand's website
  • increase brand exposure

Other services

Videos and animations
Video content is one of the most important web tools to generate the so-called buzz on the web, that "word of mouth" that contributes more and more to a business' brand image. E.I.T. produces promo videos designed to attract potential customers of your business.
E.I.T. team takes care of stylistic and content revision, made by experts in the communication field, to ensure neat, professional and high quality texts. We will suggest you the best way to deliever your message.
Images and photos
Your web pages will communicate at best the desired message through original and eye-catching images. E.I.T. team will develop, depending on your needs: photos, drawings and / or illustrations.
E.I.T. team is composed of native speaker translators who will work to help you launch your business on the international market. We translate from Italian to English, French and Spanish and vice versa.

Social media is not about the exploitation of technology but service to community.

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